Friday, January 07, 2005

World's Fair Donuts is Heaven

This is one of my random life stories that I will write from time to time…have you ever wanted to do something that comprises a tiny part of your day? Someone, or many people, tell you how fantastic something is and you build it up, establish expectations and are eventually
disappointed. There are rare times when I go into something feeling like this and I'm not only NOT disappointed, but delighted. I feel that way about World’s Fair Donuts. I’ve always heard that when you order coffee there it’s perfection…plain, basic coffee…but they put cream and sugar in it for you. I made a last minute decision (and a highly illegal maneuver in my car) on the way to work yesterday to go there. There were old men in line (I adore old men), and even older women working behind the counter (I adore old women second only to old men). I got a glazed donut and coffee with cream and sugar. It cost $1.22 and the coffee was heaven. It came out of a scraggly, ancient coffee maker, the old woman asked how I took it, and it’s as if she read my mind and concocted a perfect ratio of coffee, cream, and sugar. The donut was as if angels had spent their morning making it just for me. It was an excellent start to my day. I then came to work, coffee and donut in hand, and found my co-workers were in similarly good moods. Picture Snow White whistling with singing bluebirds (all are jacked up on coffee and donuts). I sat down at my desk and felt like I would burst with the warm and sunny feeling this start to my day gave me (this blog entry came directly from a bubbly email my boyfriend received on this topic). I'm grateful that these experiences are what make up my life and that I notice them when they're happening. Now, I will struggle against the urge to stop for coffee and donuts everyday...I do not want to gain weight for my donut happiness.


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