Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Back From the Desert

Obviously, I can't recount my days at Burning Man in one was TOO HUGE! I had a fantastic time and, honestly, I'd kind of like to still be there. There was so much stimulation (art cars with DJs, art in the middle of the playa, costumes, naked people, bikes dressed as cupcakes, etc.) that things seem a little gray back in the real world. While there was a tremendous amount of preparation to get there, I was completely free to do what I wanted once there.

We set up camp: pounded a TON of rebar, assembled our chill and Moroccan domes, put together our kitchen, showers (not that many people actually showered), tall-bike jousting area, and our actual tents that we lived in. That took two days, then we were on our own. We hosted a couple parties, but that didn't mean camp members had to actually be there.

I think I'll compile a list of my favorite or most memorable aspects of the experience and write little posts about them. I'm going to start posting photos, although mostly they're from links that fellow-campers have sent me, and mostly of art. I'm afraid I put one of my crap disposable cameras through the baggage check, and most of my best photos were on it. I'll gather pictures from friends and eventually get more personal photos of me and my camp up.


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