Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Minion" group with two extra slaves ('Lil Troublemaker is 3rd from left, tripping guy from Seattle is 5th from left). So here's the deal: We all dressed in our costumes and all the slaves from our camp (Lohr, Leef and Pickle) went to the Deep End to dance. Sturdy and I went over and very puplicly and violently captured them and chained them to her. As we walked around, I yelled and punished them with the whip. I went up to random guys and put leather collars around their necks (which they got to keep as gifts. Leef made them and they were really nice). The first 2 were bad choices on my part: 2 dudes dressed as pro wrestlers...I think one was named Cock-o-Saurus. Yeah, way bad judgement in my first 2 picks. Then we found the 'Lil Troublemaker and the guy from Seattle (who told us later that he'd just started tripping on mushrooms when I came running up to chain him...what a trip it must have been for him). We walked around for a couple hours, captured a couple more, including another guy on stilts, and had a fabulous time. I (and I think everyone else) was a little shocked at how into it I was. I can be a little reserved sometimes and don't like a lot of attention...but I really got into the role...and the slaves all had welts to prove it! (Photo from Sturdy)
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Blogger Stephen (aka Q) said...

Sometimes role playing can enable you to be somebody else, somebody quite unlike your usual persona. I mean it isn't just acting, it's becoming.

It would have been fun to watch. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed being one of your slaves, however!

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