Monday, August 22, 2005

Days 3 & 4- Jamaica August 6 & 7, 2005

The Big Day

This is in a different format because, quite frankly, because I'm tired of writing in the other format.

L and I woke up early to get ready for the wedding. We went down to M's room where all the activity was taking place. Conveniently, one of the guests at the wedding is a stylist...and quite a good one. She twisted and turned, ribboned and sprayed, glittered and bobby pinned...then added some shiny eye shadow and she was ready to go!

L and I did each other's hair and it turned out fantastic! Honestly, we both have really good hair...wasn't too hard to make amazing and messy up-dos. I'll write more about the dresses in the pictures that I post...they were super cute, and flattering on both of us.

After the wedding on the beach, we had another day of SOOOO many activities. We went out on the Hobie Cat again...this time with the bride too. Then we had a chartered sailboat take us out into the ocean. It was so beautiful, I was on the very front and it felt really isolating looking ahead and seeing the next wave coming our way.

And then it hit...the way back was not quite as calming and serene. I started to get sick right around the time we were passing the Hedonism resort (and not because I saw all sorts of naked people that should not have been naked...although that did happen).

On the high sea, on a sailboat with the ocean as a beautiful backdrop...I became certain that I would puke my guts out over the side...classy. Then I heard M's brother heave and saw his body arched over the side on one of the pontoons. I came closer, barely able to contain the corned beef hash and seafood omelet I'd had that morning. I knew, if he gagged one more time, I would lose it. We got closer and I told the dudes manning the boat..."Ok, I'm good, I need to get off NOW!" I got off the boat into chest deep water and waded to the blessed beach...and didn't end up losing it into the surf.

I did, however, return to sickness when the sunburn on my shoulders developed during the day. In my efforts to not ruin the bridesmaid dress, I didn't wear sunblock in the morning during the ceremony. I had a fever and BARELY made it through dinner. Rough-housing and carrying on (which I'm usually the ringleader of) occurred all over the resort that night from all the people in our group...and I hit the sheets by 9:30...lulled to sleep by my fever.

The next day was our day of departure. L and I cruised the shore for sand for her mother and a few last pictures. We sneaked to the nude beach's jacuzzi for a naughty naked soak. Some dude that was VERY comfortable with his nakedness sidled up and caught us by surprise. I asked for a couple minutes for us to get dressed (we WERE NOT staying in there with him!)...and he stared at us! "Could you please TURN AROUND?!?". We got away with minimal exposure.

The flight back seemed long, and it was really good to get home. I was so happy to see the boyfriend at the airport...letting me know how much he missed me and was glad to have me back. Next time he should go too!


Blogger Liz said...

The pictures are wonderful! Those are cute dresses and what a nice setting for a wedding. Too bad about the boat ride though. good for you for hangin' tough! I got quite seasick when I was on a sailboat too--I think they are worse than other sorts of boats. We seriously need to talk this week...we've only been playing phone tag for a month or so!

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