Thursday, September 22, 2005

Spooky Moon

I drew a lot when I was a kid...crayons, markers...whatever. There were a couple common themes amongst my creations. Having gone through them as an adult, I think I'd be concerned about my kid if they drew some of the dark subject matters I tackled (and I'd hate to have been in on my Parent/Teacher conferences). I will focus today on my favorite, and less creepy themes (and I also prefer to think that a child with dark ideas is ahead of their time...perhaps the mark of a creative mind).

Horses: I drew endless numbers of horses...although they often looked the same. Side view, straight mane hanging down it's neck. I did full views, but mostly I enjoyed the close-up of the head and neck.

Ponds: Usually the same. Sun to the right, trees framing the page, cat tails all around the pond...perhaps an occasional bird in the sky. And grass...lots and lots of grass.

Spooky moons: Dark sky with a moon, each picture had moons at various stages, depending on my mood. Without fail, there were always hazy clouds skulking across the moon...jagged edges and sometimes a couple stray bats...spooo-ooooky.

Oh, and the whole reason I wrote about this is because I saw one of my spooky moons in real life for the first time last night! It looked almost exactly the same...except the clouds were a little taller than I'd have liked.

Sad that they didn't reach my level of artistic vision...but I wasn't the artist of that one.


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