Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Strange Twisters

I'm home sick today. I feel like I'm home sick a lot, and I'm the type of person that STRIVES not to take sick time, and St. Louis seems to hinder that desire. It doesn't help that I work at an AIDS service organization and I can't risk taking germs to work. Not only do I worry about our clients that have compromised immune systems...but there are people that work at the agency that I really care about and don't want to make sick.

Anyway, there are tornados tearing across the great state of Missouri right now. There have been tornado warnings and watches all morning, and they finally touched down about a hundred miles south of here. The front is coming our way, but nothing really happens in big cities (I think we alter the weather with our polution, etc...they kind of fizzle out). It's strange, the temperatures across the state right now are between 33 (with snow in Kansas City) and 70 degrees. November is a strange time for this type of weather...the apocalypse is near.

I still have many Burning Man photos to come, I just need to find the time to do it...usually I take time during lunch to write captions and post them. Sturdy and Cheryl both sent me some that are really great and shots that I didn't get (I kind of suck with taking pictures...I'm too busy in what's going on to stop and whip out my camera).

The boyfriend just called to see how I feel and see if I need anything. I didn't want to tell him that I'd just eaten the rest of the whipped cream with a spoon out of the container (HEY, it was going to be thrown away, and it's fat free! He caught me last weekend eating chocolate pudding for breakfast and Circus Peanut candy for lunch.). I'm going to go lie down, I also just ate leftover waffles from last weekend and they made my tummy hurt...or maybe it was the whipped cream?


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