Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Play Misty For Me

I'm not sure, but whenever I'm home (by home, I mean at my parent's place in Iowa) I always want to see the movie "Play Misty For Me". I've seen it several times (although I must admit, it's usually to dodge watching "Funny Girl" with my mom...I cannot TELL you how many times she's tried to get me into that movie).

What do I love about it? For one, I love the characters. Clint Eastwood is young, although he still has the same body as he does now...and I know this because he wears tighty-whities in the movie...ouch...those were never sexy. Donna Mills plays his kind of bland girlfriend, with overly burned skin (raccoon eyes) and really bad hair. You almost want her to get cut up by the psycho a little bit. Ah yes, the psycho...flawlessly played by Jennifer Walters (to all the young people out there...she's now the mother on Arrested Development).

Bottom line, Clint has a one-night stand with the psycho, she keeps coming around and trying to be his girlfriend, and even though he's this "player", he's not assertive enough to tell her to get out with the trash. If some crazy person slit their wrists in my bathroom, I wouldn't let them stay over a couple days to recover.

But I digress...the main and newfound reason I love this movie is because the psycho (Evelyn) reminds me and the boyfriend of our cat, Luna. Though Luna is mostly made up of gristle and hate, when Evelyn was clawing her arms outside a cab, being sent away by our hero Clint, she was screaming, "But I LOVE you...please, I love you!!"

It took me all the way back to St. Louis, to the little snowball of loathing...that lady we call Luna (even though she's not much of a lady). She always finds that warm, special, sometimes annoying place on our laps and claws at our faces with her little clawless paws...as if to say, "But I love you!"


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