Wednesday, September 28, 2005

HELP! IPod or Creative Zen XTRA?

I need some feedback from the peanut gallery over this one. For Christmas, I'm getting an Mp3 player...and I'm completely TORTURED over which one to buy. I was originally looking at a 20BG, but now am probably heading towards a 30GB.

I'm torn between the IPod and the Creative Zen XTRA. Here are some pros and cons. Anyone who has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

IPod 30GB
Sleek and pretty
Trendy (I didn't think I'd be as swayed by that as I am)
User-friendly software
Easily adapted for car stereos
Color screen to view digital photos

So hot that people become victims of violence and theft over them
Non removeable battery (you send the IPod and $60 every 1-2 years for service...the biggest con in my mind)
Twice the cost of the Zen (about $350)
Can only use ITunes
Apple is very controlling with how it can be used (can't remove music to other computers, etc.)
Easily damaged

Creative Zen XTRA 30GB
Less expensive (around $200)
Can use any music software
Good reviews
Removeable battery

Less hot (IPods may be so widely used because of the name)
A bit bulkier
Not as user-friendly software (but other types can be used)
No color screen...can store digital photos, but cannot view them

Any thoughts?


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