Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Punkins' and Seeds

The Fiance and I decided we should carve pumpkins for trick-or-treating tomorrow night. Here is your opportunity to not only see our amazing creations, but to also see the new color of our kitchen, as well as my new glasses. :)

Here are our pumpkins (and the new paint behind them). The Fiance's is on the left (Bruno) and mine is on the right (Claus Bergstrom...my sister will get the Knight Rider reference).

Here is me and Claus Bergstrom (and my new glasses, which you can't see well in this picture).

The Fiance and Bruno - who turned out looking much cheerier than Claus...Claus looks quite angry really.

Bruno and Claus Bergstrom on the bale of stray that The Fiance is using to build an adobe clay oven in our back yard. Thankfully he hasn't needed to use it yet so we could use it as a Halloween prop.

Me stirring the punkin' seeds - I'm supposed to be stirring it like a witches cauldron. ..and I looked much more evil and crazed before I fixed the red eye.

The TREMENDOUS amount of seeds our two paltry pumpkins produced...they turned out delicious!

Our scary Halloween black cat.


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