Monday, July 23, 2007

Celebrity Sex Tapes

I was reading on a shameless celebrity gossip blog today that Kate Moss (supermodel) is scared that her recent ex, Pete Doherty (cracked out rocker and troll) is going to sell their sex tapes for money/drugs.

Here's my question - will there ever come a time that celebrities realize that if there is a tape of them having sex, it WILL find it's way to the public? Also, it's slightly repulsive that after a sex tape is released the "victim"/performer is catapulted to stardom.

A brief list of the celebrity sex tape "scandals" (again, I say this loosely because these scandals are often the best thing to ever happen to these B-listers).
  • Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels
  • Rob Lowe and two 16-year-olds (gotta give the guy credit for making a comeback the way he did)
  • Pamela Lee and Tommy Lee (Pam will not learn her lesson. It's ironic that her future husband, Kid Rock, is on the list, but not with her)
  • R. Kelly and a 14-year-old (which did not catapult his career, but he also didn't do time)
  • Paris Hilton and some dude and a bunch of chicks
  • Colin Farrell and a random Playboy bunny
  • Kim Kardashian (not famous, but rich because she's friends with Paris and her dad is loaded) and Brandy's little brother
  • Kid Rock, some chicks, and Scott Stapp (the lead singer of a kinda Jesus rock band that beats his wife - clearly, an all around classy guy)
  • Tom Sizemore (but he probably leaked it and I don't think anyone really cares)
So yeah, some of those people were already stars, and some of the tapes were released with little fanfair. Setting aside the grossness of these tapes being great PR, I return to WHY would you make a sex tape if there was a risk of it being watched worldwide? Go have sex, or make a tape and then destroy it IMMEDIATELY if you really need to validate yourself by watching it.

Ok, I think that's all I needed to say.


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