Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Day Before Easter

The Plot
My boyfriend and I really wanted to make use to this fantastic blue fur suit we'd made him. We arranged to go to an adult Easter egg hunt with some other bizarre friends, but were thwarted by it being sold out and marginal weather. We gathered at my friend's house to dress in costumes anyway...we were either going to stare at each other in snazzy outfits, or find somewhere to prance about in them.

The Motley Crew
Laura - Festive and enthusiastic, she's the first to suggest costume ideas (and has the ability to outfit an entire football team in Mardi Gras attire, drag, as pimps & hos, or various fur-inspired creations). She dressed in all white with a naughty bunny tail and white bunny ears. Delightful!

Leef - The equally festive partner to Laura, he's very masculine, has a shaved head, and isn't afraid to explore more feminine roles. He wore a white flight suit, a white tail, a pink fur belly, and white bunny ears.

Matt - How fabulous, Matt just wanted to be covered in fur. Is he a bunny? Is he an entire bolt of different colored fur? Doesn't matter, he's covered! Black and gray fur vest, pink fur pants, shaggy pink coat, and a dual-pointed pink fur hat. Oh yeah, and pink star glittery sunglasses.

Steve (my special honey bunny) - He was ADORABLE in a furry blue one-piece suit with blue furry ears and a white bunny tail that I sewed. He ended up with the pink glittery star sunglasses (a homeless guy suggested he looked like an Elton John bunny).

Me - I decided to go against the grain and dress like a little girl on Easter morning. Green and white gingam Easter dress, white fur jacket, white gloves with beading, pearl earrings and necklace, pigtails, knee-high white socks and black mary-jane shoes. I carried an Easter basket with a yellow stuffed bunny attached to it.

Executing the Plan
With the egg hunt being a bust, we met at the Starbuck's in the Loop...we would cruise this popular night spot. A small boy asked to take our picture. Matt gave him an origami bunny for his time (a bunny was left at each location...our calling card of sorts). A young man on a date asked what the occasion was. We looked at him blankly, "no occasion, other than tomorrow's Easter". He laughed and continued on his date, explaining his exchange to her.

We continued on our route, ahhh, Ben & Jerry's. We got a table and giggled as people walking by took a double take at the huge blue bunny in the window. Most people reacted in one of two ways: 1) "Happy Easter!" 2) With head and nose held high, they walked by aloofly, pretending not to notice the four bunnies hopping and full-sized little girl skipping down the sidewalk. I'm sure their reaction was partially out of nervousness...there were bunnies hopping and peaking in windows of restaurants.

I say most because one group reacted with hatred. Two 17-year-olds yelled obscenities at us on the street. Being the most articulate of the group, I responded, "Fuck you! How are we hurting you?!?". They caught Leef alone on the sidewalk and tried to fight him. He turned around, fists up, and scared them to death. He turned and hopped down the street unscathed. They came to Ben & Jerry's and yelled at us. These greasy, punk-ass kids, wearing belts made of bullet shells and skull buckles, accused us of scaring kids and making them cry. Go home, you suck. I understand that your parents and teachers don't understand you, you're social outcasts, but in 10 years you'll be having drinks in Clayton after your daily grind at the office.

The night was coming to an end. We made one more stop at a coffee shop to visit an equally odd friend and called it a night.

Look for a posted photo in the near future!


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