Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Blog With Caution

So I 've been thinking a lot about my blog lately...well, more about who could be reading it I suppose. I evaluated why someone would read it, as well as what they could gain from it. Basically, they learn about what's going on with me, and get to know me better. It would be difficult to use the information I post for evil.

I finally realized I could convert my thoughts into a post when I read an article on today. It was about the danger of being fired because of blogging. I've been reading a blog for several years of a woman that got fired for writing HILARIOUS stories about her co-workers ( Here are the precautions mentioned on CNN, as well as my thoughts on them.

1. Know where your company stands. Ask about the company blogging policy before you start, as well as boundaries and what topics are off-limits.
I'm not an idiot, I don't write about work. I'm in social service and we're crushed by so many privacy laws, it's better you're all left in the dark...besides, it's not that interesting. An additional note is that my organization is pretty much in the dark as far as technology goes. Our network is rigged so that it works, we're not monitored, and none of us in management have any clue (or care to) investigate the cyber activities of our peeps.

2. Blog on your own time.
In general I blog during lunch. I often don't take time for lunch, so I'll take a little break to write. Social service is pretty "friendly" and fluid in these types of issues. If we need a couple minutes to get outside of our heads...we go for it (we also work extra hours purely because we're passionate about our jobs and clients...that's not overlooked when it comes to the occasional lapse in job performance).

3. Practice safe blogs: Don't say negative things about your place of business.
I don't have much to say that's negative. My work is stressful, I take a lot of it home with me emotionally, but it's mostly due to the nature of the job. I do my job and don't get in trouble. I like most of my co-workers, and those I don't like aren't worth me spending time writing about. Company policy is agreeable, benefits fantastic, nothing to complain about.

4. Don't hide it from your boss.
My boss is also my friend. If I thought he'd care one way or another I'd shout it from the rooftops. I think he'd feel it's rediculous that I felt I needed to disclose it to him. ("Um, hello, sir, I just wanted to update you. Um, er, I've decided to keep an online journal. Is that agreeable with our organization policy?")

5. Use good judgement: If your blog is an extension of your voice, don't say anything on your blog that you wouldn't say in public.
I totally agree with that. I've not been overly vocal about even having a blog. I kept it kind of secret for a while, and then finally put it on my Friendster profile. The main reason I did this is because I realized I have nothing to hide. Anything I'm writing about is public knowledge anyway. I don't have anyone in my life that I don't want to know about me (flash to being in college and trying to hide different, let's call them boyfriends, from each other...none of that personal life is uncomplicated and sickeningly honest).

6. Others will disagree with you, sometimes you will offend people, there's no way to please everyone.
I'm pretty bland in my posts. I don't use it as a place to vent about people or situations in my life. I don't talk about issues in my relationship with my boyfriend (although there are few issues, a public online journal isn't the place to process them). I don't sugarcoat my relationship...but I don't have's seriously that fantastic. I honestly don't think my man even reads my blog, he gets to hear all my thoughts everyday...and he loves it...or at least acts like it's the shiny moment of that day. Anyone that doesn't agree with me on my blog is welcome to let me know, it'll have a very slim chance of affecting how I feel about my opinion or me as a person.


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It's like Blgging for Dummies.

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Blogger patrick said...

I'll show you my blog if you show me yours....

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