Monday, May 30, 2005

Mullet Count - Maybe 1

This Memorial Day my boyfriend and I made impromptu plans to go to the RibFest in Downtown St. Louis. Not our usual crowd...this is precisely why we went. Ok, so he wanted to go because he is in a constant state of craving ribs...I wanted to go because it was nice out and I like to look at people (and it was halfway to Cahokia Mounds...and I am in a constant state of wanting to go hiking there).

Our established rules of people watching were this...1. Number of mullets, 2. Number of children disciplined in a humiliating way, 3. (I added this one after a sighting) Number of pregnant women with their stomachs hanging out of their shirt (the boyfriend wanted to add that for this to count, they must also be drinking a beer).

The crowd has clearly changed.

1. We saw 1 mullet...and I would say maybe 1 because the boyfriend wasn't sure how long the sides were. I found it quite obviously to be business in the front and all party in the back...but he thought the dude may have always worn a ponytail...and had long sides. I think my boyfriend is crazy...and leave this count at a firm 1.

2. Gladly, we saw not a single child smacked, yanked, spanked, dragged, yelled at, pointed at with a finger, or burned with a cigarette. Nice, that made my day.

3. Though we saw 1 pregnant woman with her stomach outside her shirt...I can give her the benefit of the doubt because she was not only NOT drinking a beer, but I also imagine she was pretty hot and it made her feel better.

We ate a shitload of ribs. They were divine.

I wonder if we made it on anybody's lists?


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