Saturday, June 04, 2005

On the Road to Hippie-dom

My boyfriend and I are SO going to end up as on a mini-commune (meaning just the two of us...but doing all the other commune stuff) off the land...not relying on "the man" for anything.

We're not quite there yet, but the way we're talkin', it's only a matter of time. We had dinner last night, and it made us really happy that most of our dinner came from our backyard. We're taking little baby steps to being self-sufficient.

The signs of what's to come...

We joke around about solar panels once we get more settled (half joke...I could TOTALLY get down with some solar panels).

We have extensive gardening plans (we already have a garden...but we're talking about one like our yoga instructor's, Kitty, who's super hardcore and has glass panes of old windows over her seedlings when it's cold).

Getting a couple chickens in a few years (on the condition that when he wants to eat one, he can't tell me, and he has to replace it with one that looks I can live in my lovely little world where chickens aren't killed and made into delicious dinners).

This little future that seems inevitable (and probably not quite this far-fetched) sounds like a wonderful dream. My only stipulation being that he can't grow a long gray pony-tail...that would just creep me out.


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