Saturday, July 15, 2006

Texas - Yee-Hawww!

Hello, I'm in Texas and it's really hot. I'm in Hurst (between Dallas and Fort Worth) visiting my brother and sister...and apparently eating lots of food.

I got here yesterday, and for our first full day, my brother, J, took me to the place of his internship - The Cooper Institute at Craig Ranch. This place was amazing. I am not even kidding. Their philosophy on wellness, the equipment (each cardio machine had its own TV and headphones!!), the locker room...incredible. But it's for rich people, so I'll enjoy it while I'm here and head back to my substandard gym.

We went to a yoga class, which I desperately needed. I'm all cramped up looking for relaxation. This was not relaxing. This class was like a power yoga class on meth. I rolled my eyes in embarassment when I noticed my front hand quivering during warrior 2. Who'd have thought that the Texans can do yoga? Not me. My brother, who's known for his weightlifting prowess, put forth a valiant effort and did a really good job. There were a couple poses he couldn't get into, which was certainly fine with him after the teacher announced to the class, "oh, your biceps are too big to do eagle pose. The more muscular you are, the less flexible," as she gave his torso that was straining against his tight and sweaty t-shirt a once-over. I guess it was a little more than a once-over.

We were starving, but after driving 40 miles to his stomping grounds, we had to stop at his dorm room...I mean, his apartment. It was a very nice space. It's clear that he isn't staying there longer than 3 months, which is why I can excuse it's lack of decorations and organization. I'm so proud to see my baby brother (yes, the one with the huge biceps and 5 o'clock shadow) out and living on his own. What's even more exciting is to see how much he believes in the job he's doing. He lights up when he talks about the future plans of the institute. I love that all three of us are passionate at what we do.

On the road again (that phrase is an inside joke for my mom's benefit)...we stopped at IKEA (he promised to go back when he has a more permanent residence), then came home. Our domesticated sister, T, had made lunch...a lunch of crap...a lunch of my dreams! Spinach/artichoke dip, onion puffs, pasta salad...why did we work out? I guess I should be glad that I worked out to counteract a little of what we consumed.

Tonight, I think we may lie around - probably do manicures and pedicures. Tomorrow - we shop!

(Tomorrow, I wear my snappy Bush t-shirt! If I'm still alive at the end of the day, I shall provide an update.)


Blogger Liz said...

sounds like you are having a great time! I'd love to see an updated picture of your brother and sister. I remember J. and T. from years ago. I'm sure J. has changed more than T, but I'm sure they both have changed some. Enjoy texas, and make those texans question their assumptions!

10:48 AM  

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