Saturday, September 16, 2006

Red Tail Guilt

I did something last night that I feel SOOOO bad about. I came home from work - exhausted...and a little sassy. I was venting to The Boyfriend about something I had to do, and about how I suddenly felt resentful. Like I was venting...getting my negative energy out.

While I was spewing forth all that is evil and wrong, I began absentmindedly coloring the tip of Luna's tail with a red Sharpie pen. At the time it was kind of fun, sort of like when I use Manic Panic in my hair to add purple or red streaks. Luna looked at me, howled, and ran away.

When I saw her slinking around later, all I could see was her red-tipped tail. It looks bloody. I feel really horrible. The Boyfriend insists that she has no clue, and that when/if she cleans herself (in her old age she's disgustingly let her self go) she won't be poisoned by the ink.

I feel like I disfigured her. I feel like a terrible and abusive person. :(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You didn't hurt the cat. But you did do it wrong. ;-)

Sam used to dye a white neighborhood cat from his first apartment complex. He would take food dye, and comb it through the cat's fur, creating a rainbow cat that was very pleased with all the combing and scratching it received, and seemingly oblivious to it's new hues. Since (most) cats clean themselves frequently, the dye would go away just through normal cleaning and shedding. The cat was completely OK with the whole process (no word on what its perplexed owners thought).

Sharpie marker will take longer to go away, and maybe next time you could use other colors than red, to remove the shock of seeing a red-tipped tail, but otherwise your cat will be fine. :-) I recommend the food dye for your next project.

Otherwise, we all missed you on the playa! Come visit at practice or whenever we're next all at Artica.


2:17 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Maybe a color other than red would have been better as well.

I went down to Artica the last two weekends...did you get there after I left?

I was bummed that I missed you camping with the STL crew. :(

Hopefully I'll catch up with fire people soon. The Boyfriend defends his thesis on Wednesday. Hopefully our lives will fall back into some sort of normalcy.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, the not being at Artica last weekend was our lazy fault.

Good luck, C___-C___! (not sure if real names are used here) Hope he does fantastically well with his thesis defense, and that the two of you can celebrate afterwards.

We'll see you around - I'd be happy to help with the next cat-dyeing project. ;-)


6:31 PM  
Anonymous A said...

Wow, your a trip...i used to paint my chihuaha's toenails and she would lick it off...probably toxic, but she died of old age, so i guess not too toxic.

12:05 PM  

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