Friday, May 04, 2007

Worst(and by worst, I mean the most disastrous).Morning.Ever

Ever had one of those days where by about 8:30 you're ready to call it a day? Like there's been so many tiny things that go horribly wrong that anything bigger may make it impossible to ever venture from the comfort of your bed ever again? I had one of those mornings today. Well, maybe not as bad as the previous sentences imply...but there was a series of quite unfortunate events that caused me a certain amount of discomfort. And by discomfort, I mean that I'm being kind of a big baby and am beginning to feel guilty for writing that when there's hunger and war in the world that does not personally affect me.

Here's a rough time line:
6:15 Alarm sounds and Tiny Dancer (our kitten, sometimes known as Nova...but usually Tiny Dancer or Tiiiiiineee!) begins our morning ritual of him licking my face so that I'll play with him.

6:28 I am no closer to getting up than I was at 6:15, and guilt is starting to set in.

6:47 I realize if I'm going to make it to the gym, I MUST get up immediately.

7:03 Ok, so the treadmill and weights are out of the question now.

7:08 I drag myself out of bed (barely) and get dressed to go for a walk, I open the door and - no joke - it begins pouring rain. I lie back down.

7:24 I put on my swimsuit and leave for the YMCA pool. This is outrageously late for me to be leaving.

7:45 As I walk into the pool area, I get the vague sense that I may not know where I put my glasses. I consider going back to my locker to ease the anxiety, and then decide to figure it out later.

8:10 I finish my pathetic swim. Normally I swim 36 lengths in 30 minutes...this morning I swam 20 lengths in 25 minutes....and they were in sad, sad form.

8:30 After finding my glasses on THE FLOOR OF THE YMCA SHOWERS - GROSS, I go back to my locker to get ready for work. I figure I have just enough time to make it to work on time.

8:31 I sadly realize that, not only did I pack "skinny jeans" that will be comfortable and flattering if I lose approximately 7 pounds, but I've ALSO FORGOTTEN MY BRA AND UNDERWEAR!

8:31 - 8:37 I sit with my elbows on my knees to ponder my options.
Option 1: Throw on my velour track suit (The Boyfriend will giggle at that reference. He hates my velour track suit...but I find it perfect to throw over my swim suit) and go 1/2 mile back home?
Option 2: Go to work sans appropriate undergarments?
Option 3: Call in sick and crawl back into bed (the most appealing option at this point)?

8:38 I look around to see if any one's watching and I quickly put on my clothes without any bra and underwear (the bra is really just a gesture to show that I went through some sort of puberty process...I sometimes choose not to wear one...but the underwear are kind of non-negotiables for me).

9:11 I stroll into work a tiny bit later than I would have liked.

10:42 And now, I sit at my desk. I have gotten a couple busy work, end-of-the-week-wrap-up-type tasks done...but this day has a distinctly unproductive feel. I'll be able to consider it a day that I deserve my salary as long as I continue to get a series of small things done.

Oh, right, it's raining and I ran out of hair gel, so I have really bad hair as well.


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