Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The STL is Redeeming Itself

For the second year in the row, St. Louis drivers are being noticed for their courteous vehicular maneuverings and low road rage incidents.
The most courteous drivers can be found in Portland, Oregon; Pittsburgh; the Seattle-Tacoma area; St. Louis; and Dallas-Fort Worth, the survey found.

Portland drivers were the least likely to see other motorists tailgating on the roadways, and St. Louis motorists were the least likely to swear at another driver, according to the survey.
I wasn't hugely surprised about the courteous drivers (we are, after all, in the Midwest), but I'd like to see stats on accidents. Perhaps all this friendliness is causing drivers to not pay attention. I've had three fairly serious accidents in the ten years I've been here (of which none were my fault...I felt it was important to add that).


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