Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 3 1/2

Did I mention the Fiance had planned a trip to Togo West Africa? He left on Monday and will be gone 3 1/2 weeks. I told him that I would try to blog every day that he's gone so he can catch up on my comings and goings when he returns. They may not be that exciting, but they will be what one might consider an online journal - minus any personal details I don't feel like sharing.

So the first couple days I couldn't write because I was paralyzed with worry (and binge eating) because I hadn't heard from him. FINALLY, he called this morning to let me know that he was there safely and had figured out how to call. Cell phones are aplenty, but he had to figure out how to buy minutes, or to use public cell phone port things. He ended up calling a second time in the afternoon after realizing just how easy it is. The sound was fantastic...he could have been in the office next to mine it was so clear.

The things I would like him to know about today are:
  • He forgot the tan t-shirt he'd bought the day before leaving. I found it in the clean laundry. He got it because it wouldn't show dirt very much. Woops.
  • The cable on our TV was perfection for a few glorious hours - and then it went back to super crappy reception. It was amazing while it lasted.
  • Our internet is obviously back up - through no credit of my own. It just came back like magic.
Until tomorrow.


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