Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Mother and the "Kit-Cats"

For Mother's Day this year I was having a really hard time finding a card. Somehow, Hallmark has hit the mark on, "Though we have a strained relationship...", "Despite our differences...", and "Although we don't communicate..." and has completely overlooked the, "Sorry I'm disappointing you by living in sin..." card.

I looked around and found it remarkable that the cards this year have gotten more pink, more lacy, and HUGE. There are some huge-ass cards out there...I can't imagine how much postage they would take.

I finally found two...and I'm sending them both! I hope my mother doesn't read this before Sunday or the surprise of both getting two cards, as well as the actual cards, will be ruined. Honestly, I don't think she reads this, I'm pretty sure she can't handle my truth (damn I've been wanting to say that. The preview for Britney Spears and Mr. Britney Spears' new show has Britney all up in the grill of the camera saying, "Can you handle my truth?". I really felt I needed to apply it to my life somehow. Done.).

So the first card is a picture of a little girl with her tongue sticking out and says, "You didn't have to understand me to love me". It means to me that even though I've been a train wreck of a daughter in a lot of ways, she's provided unconditional support, even when she hasn't agreed with my choices. Trust me, children have been disowned for less than what I've put my poor parents through.

The other card, which I posted, reminds me of her pet name for us kids...we are forever labeled to her as..."the Kit-Cats". I'm not sure how this started, my mother isn't the pet name type, but it's stuck, and she still calls us that.

I took it upon myself to decide which adorable kitten each of us is. I am the initiator (I'm also the oldest)..."Hey Mom, this is my need, I've lost my mittens, yo, please help me find them. This is seriously troubling, my hands are cold...".

My brother is the one to jump on the bandwagon (the youngest, but so much younger than me and my sister that he's more of an only child), "Me too. Wait, what did she say? Oh well, she's the oldest, I'm pretty sure I'll need the same thing, at least at some point". He's also the most eager to go in on a gift for any occasion possible...he NEVER misses an opportunity to not have to be responsible for that.

My sister, who is the middle child is, "Mom, don't forget me. I know Carolyn already said something, but don't forget about me, my hands are cold too...see, no mittens...look at me, love me!" I mean this in the most affectionate sense. My sister truly is adorable and not as self-centered as that statement suggests. She's the one we all tease about whenever a camera comes out, she's in front dancing, making faces, etc. (meanwhile, as a teenager I'd be lurking in the corner to escape the camera, pulling my cape over my head in a menacing, anguished way. There really wasn't a cape, but you get it, eh? Dark, menacing, I hate my confortable suburban life, anguished.).

So now I feel like the biggest dork in the world for publishing kittens. Sorry. No, I'm not sorry. I can think kitties are snuggly and cute, especially if they remind me of the cattie little pack that I know as my siblings. Meow.


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