Friday, July 01, 2005

War of the Worlds

So I did something last night that I swore I wouldn't do...that's financially support Tom Cruise. I saw War of the Worlds...and it was fabulous!

I am REALLY having issues with:
1. Tom's level of craziness and instability.
2. Him ruining Katie Holmes (although I heard an ugly, delicious rumor that Tom was caught in bed with Rob he in Matchbox 20?...I know he's a Scientologist...and his wife threatened to go public. Solution? Pay Katie Holmes an unGodly amount of money well as promise her elevation from maybe a B-lister to an A-lister...although let's be honest, a tarnished, totally cheesy pose as his doting girlfriend. Scrumptious if it were true, yes?)
3. Being on ritalin myself, I tend to resent crazies that say bad things about THE ONLY THING THAT MADE MY LIFE WORTH ANYTHING (well, I worked pretty hard to get my shit together, but it certainly helped that I had the focus to do so, instead of being crazy unfocused running around not sure where I'm going...oh, candy...still crazy you get the point).

There are three things that I felt excellent about (I'm not sure why I'm on this list kick right now).
1. Dakota Fanning, although if you see her in interviews, she's completely insane. For an 11-year-old to be so much more eloquent and a master of the English language than yours truly is unnatural. She's 11 going on 41. But she was definitely one of the highlight characters.
2. It scared the crap out of me. I jumped, screamed, clenched the boyfriend's hand really hard, and obsessed. Not about Tom Cruise, as some misguided ladies might have been doing. I obsessed about what I'd do if this really happened. It seemed so tragic, and so absolute. On the drive home I broached the topic with the boyfriend. "Baby, I was really scared when all those people were running around from town to town, trying to escape. Oh, you were too. Good. So, if this were to really happen, will you hide in our cedar closet with me in the basement? The cats can come too...we can let them out periodically to use the litter box and bring their food and water downstairs."
3. Tom Cruise, besides being delusional, socially innapropriate and a chaser of the young tail, is an amazing actor. Granted, he played a total jackass...but he played his role so well that I forgot to hate him. I got past his cheesiness and got into the character.

So, final assessment...a definite must see in the theaters.


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