Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Couple Observations

I was walking in Forest Park with M and saw a guy riding a bike with one of those carts that kids ride in (with yellow parachute-like material). Inside was a rickety old lady with a blanket over her. She was riding along, looking around. It was such a cool thing to see...of course I had to make up stories in my head about weekly outings, etc.

Last Night (Monday)
I got Burning Man pictures back! I thought the cameras were destroyed from the airport scanner, but they came back beautifully. I'll post them as soon as I get them scanned.

This Morning (Tuesday)
I left the gym and was driving down Lindell (a busy street in the Central West End) around 8:30 am and saw this dude that was about 80 lbs. overweight CHANGING HIS SHIRT ON THE STREET. He was standing next to his pimp-mobile (a white convertible...it wasn't sunny...gray, ugly day...with the top down)...WITH HIS SHIRT OFF! He took it off, was standing in the street by the car and then put another one on...I guess I presumed he put another one on...I kept driving.


Blogger Stephen (aka Q) said...

Airport scanners don't use x-ray technology, I guess, or the security people would all be cancer-stricken. I don't know what technology they use, but apparently it has no effect on film. I've always wondered about that.

As for changing in public —
My most memorable experience was in Montreal. A woman was trying on pants in the middle of the store: one pair after another, stripping down to her panties each time. The (male) salesman was standing right there, handing her things to try on.

I asked a friend from Montreal if this was normal among Francophones, who are less uptight about nudity than us anglos.

"No, that woman was just nuts" was the answer.

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