Monday, May 15, 2006

Gift Made By The Devil

There once was an intern at my agency named P.

P was delightful - intelligent, funny, and after my supervision of her ended - we actually became friends (not that we weren't while we worked together, but it just seems more appropriate to call us friends now). We touched base from time-to-time, had lunch, etc.

P is going off to medical school (she is a total rockstar in school...I hope a tiny bit of her rubs off when I go back to school). And today, she came to the office and dropped a gift upon me that was so evil, so decadent, that The Boyfriend and I have thrown ourselves on it like Luna (our old, bitter bitter kitty) on a misplaced chicken carcass.

In all honesty, The Boyfriend didn't dive head first into it like I did. First, I coerced a practicum student, Z, into splitting a chunk of chocolate heaven at the office. Then, while I showed The Boyfriend all the delightful boxes (and yes, the instrument of dispair that she gave me looks like the deliciousness to the right), I opened all of them and tried a little from each. After dinner we shared something...and then I skulked into the office and I shoved a whole bag of caramel corn down my face.

Did I mention she also gave me a book of LSAT practice tests? While not delicious, it was very thoughtful.


Anonymous Pusher said...

YUM! Are you going to send me some?

3:46 PM  

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