Thursday, May 04, 2006

Writing Runs In the Family

My sister has historically given cautious disclaimers of her inabilities to write. She defers to me, the oldest, as the writer in the family...although I've never thought this to be true. I think I can be recognized as the FIRST child in the family to write, since I was born first.

And now, I have proof of her abilities...and I'm spreading them to the world! I'm going to publish two different items - one is a free-association-type poem, the other is a story about us as children. Both are touching to me because I lived both of them with her.

I Am From
By Carolyn's Sister, "T"
I am from the seasons of the North
Strong winters and easy summers
With kick the can and racing fence to fence
With the blustering fall and the freshness of spring
When hard working hands push soil aside to lay in the seed to later harvest

I am from where doors are unlocked, and where blue
stars are put on windows so kids know which houses are safe
Where crossing guards hand out candy that we accept without question

I am from where bologna sandwiches are eaten,
and popcorn balls, and pork chops too
Where “pop” is only allowed on Friday nights,
and where Grapenuts expand from milk
Cabbage Patch Kids, GI Joe, Barbie and Frogger
toy guns, Night Rider, and puffy blue Smurf stickers

I am from no crying, whether joyful or sad
No saying “I love you”
Yet feeling it everyday
Still yearning for it to be said
From the things my sister did that I never had to do
From a mom’s strength and a dad’s sensitivity
Both of which I exude


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool...made me think. We must be from the same small town. The "pop" on Friday night took me back. We had Pepsi, in a bottle with french fries and hamburgers...every Friday :)


11:23 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


Iowa, Indiana...same thing in terms of how life was growing up, probably.

We had Pepsi in a bottle on Friday at 7 pm with popcorn and the Dukes of Hazzard.

2:57 PM  

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