Monday, September 25, 2006

The Irony...maybe not irony, but strange for sure

Interesting story…I was checking to see who was viewing my blog…not because I’m a narcissist, but because I wanted to see if my Mommy’s been reading (even better, right?). I noticed a referring URL that showed up on a couple viewers. I linked to where it was coming from...and it was a site that apparently searches for blogs that discuss online games. In this case, the mere mention of Eve Online brought my blog to to search.

That in itself is not so interesting...and the part that I find interesting may seem quite lame to you. I found it interesting because whenever The Boyfriend is playing said game, I always ask him, "How are the geeks?".

He replies with, "Oh, you know, they're good."

My next question, "Do they miss me?".

"Of course", is his answer every time.

So I felt a little creeped out that I ask him about the game, I taunt him about it, I refer to the players as if they're his pals (which they kind of are when they chat on those little microphones...that The Boyfriend MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE *wink wink*), and of all blog shows up on a sight when some gamer typed the name of the game in a search.

Below is the little can view it in all it's glory by clicking on the post title.

I can't WAIT for The Boyfriend to get back and read this!!

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Congratulations to The Boyfriend!! It's official, The Boyfriend is officially Dr. Boyfriend. I'll still call him The Boyfriend, mostly because he doesn't seem all that interested in being identified as someone with a PhD. I've overheard him on more than one occasion say, "It's just important that I know I did it"
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