Sunday, April 29, 2007

Her Hate Could Only Keep Her Around For So Long...

I couldn't bring myself to write about this last weekend. We had to have Luna, our sassy diva old lady, put to sleep last Saturday. I didn't have any idea how painful it would be. We had a mobile vet come to our house, so we felt a little better knowing she felt at home during the procedure. The vet was extremely caring and made all the difference.

We let her have whatever last day she chose. We locked the boys downstairs (the boy cats - not kids) and she had the run of the house without a kitten assaulting her all day. We fed her turkey and sardines, and The Boyfriend took a nap with her (oh the things he'll do for the happiness of our cats...I'm sure that nap was such an inconvenience).

After everything was done with the vet, The Boyfriend buried her in the back yard about 3 feet deep and put our concrete pagoda on top. Truly, though she was sometimes pure evil and the most self-centered creature you could ever IMAGINE, we'll never find a cat like her again. She loved us SO much, and her greatest joy was being as close as possible (even if that meant waking up in the middle of the night with a 3 pound cat sitting on our chest, her face 2 inches from ours - purring loudly).

As time went by, our 17-year-old duchess slowly withered away - barely recognizable as the cruel alpha cat who had once ruled the boys with an iron paw. As her health got worse, we shuddered to think of her having a painful decline right after we left for work, only to find her when we got home 8 hours later. We feel comforted in the fact that she had an amazing life, and her death was dignified and quick.


Blogger Liz said...

I am so sorry about Luna. I know that it is hard, even when you think you have prepared yourself for it. My thoughts are definitely with you, and with her. I'm so glad she got to have a perfect last day, and the mobile vet seems like an ideal thing for the situation. The sadness gets better, but I'm not sure that it ever really goes away.
When we were dog-sitting last week, the dog picked up one of Maggie's old toys- one of the last ones she got and one of her favorites, and proceeded to start to rip it up. I took it from her and started to cry because it I didn't want to see Maggie's stuff damaged in that way. It has been about 6 months, but it still hurts.

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