Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 4 and On...

Captain Blogger left me a reminder comment about my vow to post each day while the Fiance is gone. AND, my sister has left me reminder emails and voicemail messages. BUT, our internet is down at home and now I can't log on to windows. It's pretty frustrating really. To remedy this situation I have decided to blog during lunch. Normally I take my Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones frozen lunch into the kitchen and eat with other staff. About half that time we sit idly and discuss the merits of each frozen meal - which one's better, which one is the "it" meal, etc. I figure I can take 30 minutes to eat, and 30 minutes to blog, forgoing the lunch comparisons.

So here's my catch up. I've kept notes on each day, but sadly my accompanying photos are on the broke-ass home computer. I'll put those up later (which means after The Fiance returns and he fixes it).

Day 4 (11/30/07)

Today is the day for the girlie spa night. I had extra hours from work so I took the day off. I cleaned cleaned cleaned and M came over around five to prepare the space. It started at six, and by then we had transformed the place with white table clothes and candles. It looked fantastic. All the people I really wanted to show up came, and we did our nails, face masks, and all got our eyebrows waxed (one person waxed their lip, but I feel there's a certain anonymity protecting their identity...but you know who you are). I have to say that I sometimes hate social situations, but I had a ton of fun at my own party.

Things the Fiance should Know:
  • It appears that one of the cats stood up in the litter box and had some sort of "explosion" in a circular motion around the entire box. I blame Tiny.

Day 5 (12/1/07)

Happy World AIDS Day! I worked out this morning with K, then worked on a graphic project for an organization we belong to, then I made an appointment for a massage. This elfin young woman came out and it was hard not to giggle while imagining her being able to manage my nearly 5'10" frame. And let me tell ya - she kicked my ass. She got out a massive knot (which made her gasp as she explained she thought I had a tumor), but it's now swollen and really painful. But she did do a fantastic job and my shoulder pain (except for the tumor) is gone.

At night I went to T's tree trimming party with B. It was pretty fun. It was low key and bursting with tasty coffees and teas. T is a barista at Starbuck's and it was freakish that when he makes coffee at home it tastes just like Starbucks! I got home around 8 and sat at the coffee table making bottle cap magnets. The cats helped.

I heard from the Fiance, he sounds good. He's traveling with some peace corp volunteers.

Things the Fiance Should Know:

  • The internet is down and it makes me mad.

Day 6 (12/2/07)

Yeah - Happy 38th birthday to the Fiance! I heard from him today and he sounded good. He seemed more homesick than before. Today I did something I haven't done in a long time - I sat on the couch and didn't do much of anything. I watched Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst, which was pretty good. It was a little slow at times, but I liked the soundtrack and costumes. I also worked on bottle cap magnets and straightened up a little.

I've noticed that for some reason when I live alone I allow myself more downtime and more liberties with food. I think there's a certain shame factor when the Fiance is around that makes me stay busier and watch how I'm eating. Don't get me wrong, those are good things, but I could probably use more downtime on a regular basis. The house is also staying cleaner. That's not to say that he messes it up - because I actually think I leave things around more - but I'm spending less time cleaning because it's getting less messy.

Things the Fiance Should Know:

  • The internet is still down.
  • Even if the internet were up, I can't use the computer because it won't let me log on. I was FURIOUS last night. I have a computer project that I want to work on and it kept logging me off. I hate computers.


Anonymous Capt. Blogger said...

If you have Charter internet try switching to AT&T.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

We're bundled with our cable with Charter, but we're thinking about switching to Direct TV and AT&T internet. Have you had good luck with AT&T?

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Capt. Blogger said...

At&t is now offering internet & cable to compete with Charter. Not all areas can receive the u-verse cable which is an At&t product, although they offer satelite. You may want to check them out. Will look forward to more blog updates and wish your fiance all the best. Capt. Blogger

4:27 PM  

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