Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Name's Carolyn, and I'm a Snow Cone Addict

Let me start out by saying that Murray's Shaved Ice is the devil. Less than 1/2 mile from our house is a seemingly innocuous looking shed. Inside that shed are surly teens who peddle snow cones in about a million different flavors. I'd not paid too much attention to the situation until the recent heat wave. The Husband and I had gone to dinner at Stelina (a delicious little organic place on Watson Rd.) and I wanted something sweet. Ted Drew's Custard, which is less than a mile away? No, we decided on the snow cone shed place across the street from Stelina.

Decisions, decisions. We both got mediums because it seemed like the conservative thing to do - he black cherry and I cherry-cola. They were HUGE! Not only were the cups the size of big gulps, but they also made these huge domes of shaved ice on the top. How were we to get all that in our mouths before the heat wave tumbled them down the fronts of our shirts? We sat on a bench and began working away at them. I finished mine, he put half in the freezer...because he apparently has way more self control than I.

The next day he got his out to finish...and I didn't have one. And so I left the house in 100 degree heat and drove back to Murray's. Now, I'm the type of person that gets the same kind of something every time I go. I know what I like and rarely deviate from said liked item. To be adventurous, and because there were so many flavors to choose from, I decided that I have to get a different flavor every time - or at least until I get down to the gross flavors like birthday cake and banana. This time I got a small in strawberry lemonade - and it was HUGE! Still a big cup and still a massive dome. Incidentally, I ran into K from work and was horrified that she was going to walk around the corner with 2 larges...domes and all! No free hand to wave erratically, just two full hands of massive snow cones.

Oh yeah, the next day I went down to a kiddie, which was completely manageable and got pink lemonade. I think it's worth saying, the smaller you go, the less cost efficient it becomes. A kiddie is $1.50, small is $1.75, medium $2.00...with GIGANTIC size differences. I need to develop my self-control and rotate them in the freezer.

(The picture above is an actual photo from the shed on Watson Road)


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you and amy should totally get together and have a snow cone party. or a meeting...

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