Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Island

Saw The Island last night and I LOVED it. The boyfriend wasn't QUITE as impressed, but he's a tiny bit more of a movie snob than me (baby, you know that's the truth...and I love that about you).

For St. Louis readers out there...the Moolah Theater kicks ass. There are 5 rows of squishy leather 2-3 person couches, then a balcony and regular seating. They serve regular concessions, as well as wine and beer (not Bud light, but real beer...not that I can ever partake...but it's nice for all the drinking folk). It's that cool building on SLU campus at Vandeventer and Lindell.

We were a tad creeped out that Ewan McGregor is 34 and his love interest is 20...but you'll have that in movies...I don't think that's specific to American movies...I just that's just the way it is. Ewan does a good job of pulling it off, and Scarlett seems older than her dewy-skinned years. We debated whether the movie industry would succeed in making her a sex it seems they're trying. I kind of put her in the Claire Danes or Natalie Portman catagory. She's a good actress, has made interesting and smart choices in roles, and seems to be a balanced, intelligent girl...although I know NOTHING about her other than what the gossip mags report.

Visually it was amazing (Scarlett Johannson's skin and lips aside), there was plenty of eye-candy for the geeks, as well as enough ethical issues for social advocate-types such as myself. It was fast-paced and you were really rooting for the heros.

There were also plenty of not too realistic elements (on what planet and in what time period do two clones that have never lived in the world get away from a crack team of ex-Navy SEALS...right?!?!).

Good use of music also...they got a tiny tear from me at the end. I would see it again.


Blogger Stephen (aka Q) said...

We were a tad creeped out that Ewan McGregor is 34 and his love interest is 20...but you'll have that in movies.

As a forty-something man, I'm pleased by the recent trend to cast "older" women (i.e., women in their 40s) in sexy roles. The first time I stood up (so to speak) and took notice of it was when Rene Russo had the lead role in The Thomas Crown Affair, opposite Pierce Brosnan.

Women's bodies change as the years pass, but they don't stop being sexy! I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy; I lust after women in their 20s and women in their 40s, too.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

That's funny, my partner and I were having a discussion about Rene Russo in the Thomas Crown affair. She fought for that role against many younger actresses...and I think she was incredibly sexy.

7:10 PM  

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