Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sudden, Unexplained Burst of Gratitude

As I was driving home tonight, I had this unexplained burst of gratitude for a bunch of small things that kept coming to mind as I drove.

1. The way my overworked, overstressed boyfriend answered the phone. He said hello in a way that implied he might either be a) near death, b) expecting it to be "Death" on the other end of the phone, or c) preparing for his grad school committee meeting tomorrow. As soon as he realized it was me, he giggled and gave me a warm greeting. That's definitely something to make my heart feel warm and grateful.

2. That I let myself stop at one of possibly 115 McDonald's on my way down Manchester Road to get an Oreo McFlurry.

3. That my favorite KDHX radio show was on (Juxtaposition) and that they played ChkChkChk.

4. That I have a list of things to do for a friend's bridal shower this weekend. That may seem like a strange one, but the gratitude comes in when I realize that instead of feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed, I feel lucky to have a friend that I love enough that I want to put on a shower for her.

5. That the weather cooled off and I could open the sunroof and turn up the music.

That seems like enough. All those happened in the 15 minute drive home...PLUS, I was greeted by our adorable kitty, Luna, in the most adorable way EVER.

That seems like more than enough good things for one night.


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