Monday, May 15, 2006

Whirling Dervish

There were two things I really wanted to accomplish over the weekend - besides buying a car and studying. 1. Weed and feed the yard. 2. Plant the hanging flower baskets for our front porch.

I did neither.

I did, however, come home tonight after going to the gym and spun into a frenzy. I potted the baskets, and ran the Blue Devil fertilizer spreader over the lawn (it's my Dad's old one...and invaluable).

My Dad had trained me well...reminding me over the years (each and every year) of the best circumstances for fertilizing. Apply after a light rain, or, lightly mist the lawn first. Put it on when it won't rain for at least 24 hours, or it will wash it away.

It's been raining lately, and the lawn looked perfectly dewy to accept the white flecks of poison that would chase away our dandelions and creeping charlie. I looked on - a clear forecast. I rushed outside cheerily, workout clothes still on, and when I came back in I felt satisfied that I'd gotten these things completed. I relaxed on the couch, excited to tell my Dad of my success.

Thirty minutes later - it stormed.


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