Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm the Biggest Hypocrite EVER

I really hate Walmart, and I'm quite vocal about it. I tell my parents, friends, and co-workers about the evil Walmart is spreading across our country. Are low prices really worth selling our souls?

Apparently they are for me if I REALLY REALLY need something bad. I've been obsessing about jewelry-making lately (no thanks to Elanflux...thanks for making my compulsion seem totally're messed up too!).

So Elanflux and I were tweeking out at my coffee table, frantically, sliding our little beads of heaven (envision drooling, heavy breathing, and lots of "oh, girl, that's so cute!" "No, yours is so cute!"). And then I did what I should not have done...I used some earring components that were divine. They were exactly what I needed.

And I needed more. This would be the new phase for me (my styles change monthly pretty much).

She'd gotten them at Walmart. The devil.

The next day I looked at Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, and Ladybug beads. Nothing. Walmart is right across the street from Hobby Lobby. I bought the supplies I needed from "the Lobby" (as only a really dorky and crafty lunatic would say) and went across the street to the great center of commercial monopoly. Could I pull this off without admitting I'd been there to my parents or the boyfriend? Would the boyfriend think less of me?

I had to take the chance. I was goin' in.

I became totally and instantly overwhelmed by the vast inventory that was crammed into this warehouse-type space. I stalked proudly to the craft area and entered underneath the requisite flowered archway that let's you know you're amongst your kind.

They had what I needed, I grabbed three packages (along with a couple bags of glass beads that SCREAMED at me to buy them) and began towards the front of the store.

And then I realized what I was wearing. My face reddened, I felt ashamed. How could I wear my "I'd Rather Be Fighting the Man" t-shirt in here. I might as well announce my feelings towards Walmart, and then announce over their loud speaker, "I'm Carolyn, and I'm a beading addict".

I purchased my jewelry-making supplies of sin and self-loathing and I headed home to make some kick-ass accessories!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shake my head, Carolyn. :'( Have you tried Michael's (one in St. Charles) or Ben Franklin (one in Webster Groves)? I find those two places have weird crafty stuff when noone else does.
The only good use of Walmart is that they decided to stock EC - and in communities w/o any other pharmacies, that'll be a big help. Other than that, FIGHT THE MAN!


6:28 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Don't worry, I shake my head at myself. :) I did try Ben Franklin in Webster groves (and spent $25 on jewelry parts that WERE NOT the components in question). I didn't know there's a Michael's in St. Charles. I love that store!

9:00 AM  
Blogger Stephen (aka Q) said...

It's good to have ideals. It's impossible to live up to them 100% of the time.

But to sell your soul for the sake of beads, I dunno …

12:24 PM  

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