Monday, April 10, 2006

My Crack - All Things Jewelry

I've already discussed the woes of my wire and bead jewelry-making addiction. I haven't spent much time making things, but I spend a lot of time obsessing about what I will make...researching methods, display ideas, etc.

I looked for a book at Borders last week. They were all in the $25-30 range (the writers probably have a clear understanding of what addiction makes normally rational people into animals that will spend that much on a crap book about craft techniques). I felt sad. I'm not quite in that advanced stage of compulsion that I can justify spending that much.

That was on Wednesday. Friday, I got a $25.00 gift certificate for in the mail.

Hmmm, what could I possibly buy on

I looked this morning and found two GLORIOUS books about exactly what I'm looking for. One is a basic-intermediate wire and bead technique book with ideas about how to modify designs. The other is a little more advanced, and includes sections on how to make retro jewelry with found items, such as bottlecaps (that is SO what I want to learn).

So, the best part of this story is this: I got both books, free shipping, and used my gift certificate.

Total cost to me=$.96

Total value of how happy and excited I feel=Priceless


Blogger elanflux said...

So uumm, when are ya gonna invite me over?? You could bring the books ...I mean, come hang out over here if ya wanted to. We could even meet somewhere, say a copy machine, if your ok with that. Really, it's what ever you decide...just CALL ME....I'll be waiting right here, wire in hand....for the books, I mean for you call.

2:54 PM  

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