Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Get Super Creeped Out When Jesse Jackson Makes Sense

I feel a little guilty that I used a mug shot of Jesse Jackson, instead of the respectable black and white one of him leaning on his hand and wearing a suit...but anyone that has a mug is fair game to have it posted.

I really don't have too much to say about this, but I saw Jackson on Montel this morning (that Montel is seriously trying to clean up his more paternity tests, he seems to be taking on some REAL issues...Maurie Povich will have to keep on with the trash now...*sad*). The topic was education and religious diversity in the US.

They were addressing our horrific schools (in general) and the perceptions of Muslims in America. I was very impressed with his open-minded views on Muslims, and I appreciated that he isn't scared to speak out against Bush.

Although honestly, he could have been spewing forth facist bullshit and all I would have taken away was that he spoke out against Bush...

I've met Jackson a couple times. One of them was in college, where he tried to get a couple of us to give the Rainbow Coalition money (hello? College students). The second was down at the medium security jail in St. Louis. We were doing a push for testing incarcerated men and women, so he got tested to encourage them to do so as well.

I mean, he's fine, but sometimes I feel like what he's saying is just to stir things up. I would love to see some new African American leaders that aren't so sensationalized.


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