Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nova Update

For all of you who think we're insane (and we are) for taking in a little ragamuffin of a street cat...take a look at these photos. How in the world could we not keep this little guy!

He's been eating like a monster, and went from .13 pounds last Thursday, to 1.148 yesterday (Wednesday). The Humane Society tested him for Feline Leukemia and FIV (Feline HIV). He was negative for both. We were getting pretty nervous, because if he had Leukemia, he'd have to be put down...who'd have though we'd get this attached after only a week (but then again...look at that little face)?

So, The Boyfriend, Nova, and I went over to my friend L's last night. Conveniently, she happens to be fostering a PAINFULLY adorable litter of kittens, along with their mother. We put a little vanilla on the mother, her kittens, and Nova's foreheads (so they'd all smell alike), and let him loose.

He instantly went into "play" mode. The little kittens, who were almost exactly his size, welcomed him immediately - and they began exploring L's basement. Within 15 minutes, Nova was in a pile with all the other little ones, nursing with the mother. L said that when she went to bed, Nova was in a basket, all curled up with the five others.

We're so excited for him. Kittens that don't grow up with litters and are weaned too early usually have behavioral problems. He'll stay over at L's house until the litter leaves, then come back home to us. :)


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