Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Baby's Room

My parents came to town over the weekend and a whirlwind of projects ensued. For one, The Baby's room is done! My dad and I executed my closet sketch plan, we picked up the dresser and put together the crib (both gifts from The Husband's parents), they edged the front yard, and we organized baby stuff. Here are some pictures.

Before work began

My dad and I putting the crib together. My mom eventually joined in - there were some difficult aspects of the design, but it all seems put together and sturdy.

Hammering nails into the wall and trimming clothesline to hang the ABC cards that Katie from work gave us. They have animals on them and we hung them by clothespins.

Mom and I with the crib together and the decorations up! (Wow, my hair looks bad)

The rocking chair cushions and curtains I sewed. The curtains still need to be hemmed, but you get the general idea.

The new dresser and the little lion bank that Courtney and Scott gave us. It's going up on a shelf that will be above the dresser.

The ABC cards all up. My dad had to respace them 4 or 5 times as we realized more needed to drop to the bottom string. He was very patient. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awwww! I LOVE the room, Carolyn!

I KNEW those colors reminded me of you. I am so glad they worked out. AND they give me more justification to pick up random baby stuff when i see it at craft stores.

WIN WIN! - Katie

10:13 AM  
Blogger The Bell's said...

I LOVE the room! and I of course LOVE the animal theme!!! Great job!!!

Love ya,


12:06 PM  
Blogger Zeke, maria, and Kye said...

Yeaaaa the room is done! Super cute too. can't wait to see it in person.

12:40 AM  

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