Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Project That I Dare Not Speak It's Name (Ok, it's my agencies PRIDE float)

I am covered in glue up to my elbows. There is a huge paper mache and chicken wire bow in the backyard. I have 40 yards of "Tiffany & Co." colored muslin.

What could this all mean, you ask? Yes, I am building the PRIDE float for my agency...a massive, glue-y, paper-mache-y mess.

The Project
I manage our HIV Prevention Deparment, I also still function in my old role...coordinating our mobile testing unit. In our Prevention Department, we are currently attempting to hire a new MSMW (Men Who Have Sex With Men, White) program coordinator. If he were with us, this blessed soul would be building a float to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of our agency. Being this absent person's supervisor...I shall do it.

The mobile testing unit will soon be the victim of a horrifying makeover. The trailer of the RV is being covered in fabric the color of a Tiffany & Co. box. There will be a 15 foot long, 4 foot tall white paper mache bow on the top of the RV (Please, God, I normally don't pray for things...but please, please lead me to an idea of how I am going to get this frickin' bow on the RV). Two sweeping pieces of white fabric on each side will say in silver paint, "EFA, Platinum 20 Years".

The photos I'm posting are "in process" pictures as the project lurches along...more to follow.


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