Monday, February 06, 2006


The boyfriend and I both enjoy staying in and watching movies as much as the next person...but we also like to go out.

When I got home on Friday, he asked if I felt like going out. With all this sickness going on with both of us, most weekends have been on a "wait-and-see" basis. I told him going out sounded great, and hit the shower.

He asked again if I was sure I was up to it...I looked at him from the mirror where I was putting on makeup (the fact that I was actually putting on makeup should have been his clue that I was sure...I don't think I'd worn makeup in a month!).

The positive sign that the evening would be great was that I fit into a size 8 dress. I've out on about 10 pounds in the last couple months, and me being in this adorable little black dress made me optimistic. I put the dress on over a pair of jeans with Mary Jane shoes and a tattered corduroy jacket (the only thing I regret is that I didn't put on my black arm covers...oh well, next time).

The best part of the night was that we had no plans. We went to Starbucks with a Riverfront Times (free weekly with all the fun alternative info and events), a chai latte (me), and an ass latte for the boyfriend (soy latte...but I renamed it because it SUCKS!).

Nothing looked fun. There were very few options. It was really cold, so we were limited. I was super hyper and ornery, he was frustrated that more wasn't going on.

And then I realized Mark Lewis was spinning his Funk Buffet at Club 609. Mark used to color my hair. I've gone natural and haven't required his services. Well, not really natural, but my friend M did some really hot changes - dark underneath, a couple burgundy streaks, and a couple highlights on top.

Panic struck me.

"The boyfriend, we can't go to 609".

"Why? I thought you wanted to hear Mark spin".

"There is absolutely no way we can go there - he'll see my hair's been colored and realize I cheated on him!"

We scratched that option.

What about Atomic Cowboy? This bar had moved from a small location and I've been wanting to see the new place. It's really more hipster than I normally like (see definition of hipster: . Although after reading the definition, I would say that I'm more hipster than I care to admit. Although I am not 2% body fat, nor am I probably considered cool by the cool kids, I am more hipster than mainstream. Oh well.).

A bouncer greeted us and told us to find a seat wherever we wanted. He complained about a lame birthday party that was causing congestion. We found the most perfect seats EVER. They were right by the DJ, a little loveseat (it started as 2 squishy seats with a table in between, but we moved the table and put the seats together).

The DJ was spinning fusion/house music, the atmosphere was really comfortable...and there was people watching of the likes we hadn't seen in a while. An older couple (50's) came in and the slightly chubby female began grinding and gyrating on her male partner (who was QUITE overweight). It was like the sun, you know you shouldn't look directly at it...but it's impossible not to.

To sum up the evening. We cuddled on our little couch, ate cheesecake, listened to excellent music, and argued over who was cuter (you're the cutest, no, you're the cutest...which should have led to us throwing up from being so affectionate), and we went home.

A very simple, unplanned night that turned out fantastic! Did I mention Atomic Cowboy is nonsmoking!

(Click on the post title for the Atomic Cowboy website)


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