Tuesday, March 14, 2006

LSAT Practice Test Score

A couple weeks ago I took an LSAT practice test. It was administered by Kaplan...as in the test prep people. I presumed they made the test extra hard because they want us all to fail miserably and freak out so we'd sign up for their classes at $1400 a pop.

First, let me say that the test made me want to poke myself in the eyes with pencils (I had two really sharp mechanical ones with me). Second, I COMPLETELY lost all steam and focus in the last section. It was pretty rough...but not as rough as I had anticipated.

So, I got the letter in the mail today. My scores.

The boyfriend has been going through a lot lately. He's beyond reasonable human stress levels finishing up his super-sexy-geeky-genetics PhD. As I started opening the envelope, I briefly considered whether he had the mental stability to deal with my reaction if/when I had horrific scores.

Turns out he didn't have to brace himself, I did better than I'd expected. I got a 156, which I don't think is too bad for my first practice test. It rated on their scale ("they" being Kaplan, the purveyors of overpriced prep classes) as slightly above average. I can accept that.

According to where my strengths and weaknesses were, I need to either hit it really hard and get all the Logic Reasoning and Reading Comp correct and accept the fact that Logic Games make me want to die. Or, I need to focus almost exclusively on Logic Games and be more balanced on the test.

I really hate those damnable Logic Games.


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