Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An Olympics Comparison

It feels good to be back on my blog. Work has been SO CRAZY, but extremely exciting. I feel lucky to love going to work.

Studying has also kept me away, although mostly going to Iowa last weekend. Did you know there are still places that get to 40 below zero with windchill? I'd almost forgotten where I grew up...and all the painful cold associated with it. Seriously - I pumped gas when I got there, and three fingers on my right hand were numb for several hours. Seriously.

Anyway, the comparison. I'd noticed I've been justifying watching the Olympics to the Boyfriend. I think it feels strange that I get sucked into competitive sports when I'm SOOOO not a sports person. Although I make no apologies for what happens during the summer games...please, do not touch the VCR. Every gymnastics competition will be taped, and my life stops until I watch all of them.

My dad made a comparison of two things and it opened my eyes. Corned Beef and Cabbage (the food of my Irish brethren) and the Olympic Games. He doesn't look forward to the St. Patrick's Day feast (which is usually spiced up by my mother dying anything she can think of with green food coloring), but when he sits down and eats...fabulous, perhaps even riveting. He feels the same way about the Olympics. It's kind of an inconvenience his favorite shows aren't on, then he finds himself glued to sports he didn't know existed (what's "curling" anyway?).

And so we found ourselves on Saturday night, happily stuffed with seafood lasagne and Dairy Queen ice cream cake, huddled around the TV and screaming for Apollo Ono (ok, I was screaming, they were all watching anxiously).


Blogger Liz said...

Last night I found myself holding my breath and clenching muscles during the women's super G and the men's downhill. Amazing how quickly one gets sucked in!

11:49 AM  

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