Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Apple

The Boyfriend and I are excellent partners to each other. We make decisions well together (even when involving money, such as when we bought our computer), and we're generally concerned for the other persons well-being, unless there's a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink...then it's every man/woman for themselves.

We're also best friends and playmates. We wrestle, joke, taunt, tease, and harass each other...and it's delightful.

Last weekend, the Boyfriend was innocently getting an apple out of the fridge. I came up behind and we began competing for the right to the first apple. I shreaked..."Ooohh, you got the big Fujis" and konked him in the head with it (on accident).

We suspected he'd have to admit he'd been assaulted with an apple by his girlfriend that he outweighs by 50 lbs, OR, he could make up a fight with a huge dude...possibly while defending my honor.

There was no black eye. Case closed.


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