Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tom Cruise Still Sucks Really Bad

Anyone who reads my blog is no stranger to my opinion that Tom Cruise is crazy. I hate to admit it, but I've fully lumped Katie Holmes into his catagory. Spawning the offspring of Cruise is not a favor to the world. Hark, the arrival of the savior of Scientology!

Ok, that, my friends, was a longer than necessary tangent.

I'm here to write about the South Park rerun of "Trapped In the Closet" that was canceled. Industry peeps say it was canceled because Cruise threatened to withhold promoting Mission Impossible III. There's some love triange in which Viacom owns both Comedy Central and Paramount (MI: III production company).

While I wouldn't be in favor of a TV episode that mocks, speculates, belittles, and questions my sexuality...I would accept that outcome as a public personality, as well as someone that's recently shoved my spiritual beliefs down people's faces. Cruise has used his celebrity to constantly push his agenda of Scientology, and while there are MANY MANY actors that participate in the religion (though most not as publicly), the general population hasn't been all that supportive of his promotions. I would think mostly because of Tom's condescending manner, not the actual religion itself (although I'm not sure it's a very popular sect).

I remember not too long ago when Cruise was loved by all...America's darling. Wow, that really turned around quickly Probably when he yelled at America's other darling, Katie Couric, in what was suposed to be a friendly, casual interview. Or maybe he fell out of favor when Matt Lauer went for blood to avenge Ms. Couric and Cruise treated Lauer like he was a COMPLETE moron (which he is not, although I don't like him without hair...but that doesn't diminish my opinion of him as a TV journalist).

In any case, Tom has denied any threat on his part concerning the Comedy Central rerun. That's a good thing, because it could be perceived as him forcing censorship. The fact remains...the show didn't run. Interesting.


Blogger elanflux said...

"Cruise has used his celebrity to constantly push his agenda of Scientology, and while there are MANY MANY actors that participate in the religion (though most not as publicly)"

This is actually intentional. L Ron Hubbard cleverly geared his creation toward the Hollywood elite. (I refuse to call it a religion. Not that I hold that word sacred or anything…I don’t really care for organized religions; but this is something below even that.) Anyway, this was all part of his master plan to recruit as many as people as possible (= $$$). He knew the influence of celebrities would help.
Sorry, I went off on a rant…Tom Cruise is an idiot and Katie is his prisoner. I think she was excited at the beginning. I mean think about it, as a child, she sat on her pink, canopy bed, and stared up at the poster on her wall of the handsome guy who danced around in his undies….or was she to young to have seen Risky Business?? Doesn’t matter, I’m sure there were posters up in the home somewhere, whether it was her room, or her older sister’s. She swooned at the thought of being his girlfriend. Now, more woozy than swooning. To me, she looks faded, like she wants help, like she’s trying to tell someone but they can’t hear her. Her eyes are flat, when you get to see them. I feel bad for her, she’s like his pet.

11:52 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Girl, I knew you'd have my back on the Tom Cruise issue. And I also knew that you have lots of info on Scientology. Did you ever go the center to infiltrate them? I almost took the quiz online yesterday and thought of you. We could still move forward with our covert ops. :)

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise is better than us. He is a celebrity, we are not. You should watch your words....he just might getcha'. He has powers that we do not understand.
Katie "what's her face" had it coming for messing with those powers. She knew what she was risking. I do not feel sorry for her, no indeed.

9:17 AM  
Blogger elanflux said...

O-kay creepy post guy, don't forget your meds, or the mother ship will once again, leave without you...and nobody wants that.

Anyway, after I did the quiz they e-mailed me a few times, but I told them I wasn't interested and they stopped. I was impressed. I say lets recon this summer.

8:00 PM  
Blogger elanflux said...

Now that I read that comment again I need to correct myself... creepy post CHIC. Sorry for any confusion.

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Re-flux:
We mock what we do not understand. We do not understand the strain of being a celebrity. Tom has graciously given us his immortal thoughts and for that, we should praise him. May God have mercy on you and Nicole Kidman.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


1:13 PM  
Blogger elanflux said...

Are you serious? I can’t decide. If you are serious, you’re not standing by your thoughts very convincingly by hiding behind anonymity. It shows cowardice and reluctance. This is so far fetched that I feel you are toying with me, at any rate its fun, so here ya go.

Let me first say, that there is no ‘we’ when you speak. You and I are no where near in the same category.
Next, let me thank you for grouping me with Nicole Kidman, although I have no idea why she was brought up, she has absolutely nothing to do with this. She is gracious, poised, independently minded; she keeps a low profile, and does not exploit her position as a celebrity to manipulate people to follow a ridiculously far fetched so called religion … unlike some. Anyone who puts their trust in an organization that actually charges an obscene amount of money (or any amount, for that matter!) for an individual to advance spiritually has a lot to work on internally, and I feel sorry for them. Furthermore, to convince others who are not as well off to participate, and loose everything is a whole other scandal. tom cruise…(you, anonymous, have officially convinced me to use lowercase letters to push my point even further).. is NOT A GOD, so far from it and THEREFORE IS NOT IMMORTAL. Why have you come to this conclusion? You are talking like a crazy person. He is a human being. Nothing that has come out of his mortal mouth, since admitting that he is a scientologist, has inspired anything but shock and bewilderment. He is JUST an ACTOR who, due to his millions can do no wrong. One who, after so long of being told what he wants to hear, has finally fallen off the deep end and believed all the crazy shit. He is merely an intolerable, moderately talented performer who has made a spectacle of himself. He is a boil on the face of society, who cares nothing for you or me.
Lastly, I was mocking no one. I don’t pretend to understand you or tom. I was simply making fun of you. Don’t make it more that it is.
Oh and God, whoever he or she may be is a loving being so the question of mercy is irrelevant.
Good day

4:44 PM  
Blogger elanflux said...

I said Good day!!

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Elan:
Allow me some latitude to retort to your diatribe that at times, bordered on an official soliloquy. I will say that I enjoyed your rant as it contained the perfect amount of conjecture, opinion with just a hint of emotion. A perfect editorial actually, since it contains not a shred of fact.
And now for some much needed sanity on this post:
“Cowardice and reluctance” are strong words to describe anonymity, especially coming from someone who I doubt received “Elanflux” as her Christian name. If you did, that would explain much.
Nicole Kidman is a “taker”, a bottom feeder who was a pretty face from down under until she met Tom (as I like to call him). “Gracious, poised, blah blah blah” who were you thinking of, your Grandmother?
Religion is free enterprise at its finest. The only difference is there is not a tangible product involved. Tom sells more religion than Wal Mart sells sweat shop clothes to trailer dwellers. I suppose you want to blame Tom for that as well.
Don’t dismiss shock and bewilderment as inspiration. From Joan of Arc to Jim Morrison shaking his money maker in Florida, shock and bewilderment are powerful weapons.
Also, there is a “we”. Don’t hide your emotion. I can feel the attraction from here. I’m not entirely convinced that you and the author of the original post are not one in the same. C’Mon Michael/Janet, step into the light of day.
Tom is not a boil. Don’t blame him because you paid $7.50 to see Cocktail twice and then lie to your friends about it.
One last thing before I release this chokehold, leave your definition of God at the door. Mercy is doled out like treats at Halloween. It only comes to those who ask for it.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


I assure you that Elan and I are not one in the same (although I wouldn't mind being mistaken as her...she's really hot).

In the non-cyber world we are actually best friends and share views on Scientology and Tom Cruise. It's actually become a joking way we communciate when we're both under pressure and just want to rant about things that truly aren't relevant to our lives. Kind of a sport.

Religion is definitely a free enterprise and I don't begrudge anyone that faithfully participates. I think our views on Tom come from resenting his outward disdain for anyone who doesn't share his views (not to mention according to him I'm a lost cause...I enjoy ritalin daily to maintain my focus and sanity).

Celebrities are not better than us. They have their own type of pressure and we have ours. One isn't more important, one isn't more taxing...and we all find our own ways of coping (hopefully).

Anyway, I've enjoyed the banter between the two of you. My blog serves as a journal of my thoughts and opinions. I encourage participation whether you agree or disagree with me.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shall go the way of the open sea,
To the lands I knew before you came,
And the cool ocean breezes shall blow from me,
The memory of your name.
---Laurence Hope

I can run away and go to the ocean, I can go to the country, I can go to the mountains. I can go to Israel, Africa, Afghanistan...
---Allison from The Breakfast Club

This blog could be the last bastian of democracy left in the free world. I'd tip my hat to you but I haven't got a hat bada-boom boom boom. Shine on you crazy diamonds, shine on.

I'm gone.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Nice exit, very dramatic.

You may be gone...but let's all be honest'll check to see if we reply (although I know you won't comment, because then you'd go back on your flowery exit). :)

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am like burnt toast. The smell remains in the air plus you're still hungry.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Well said.

3:25 PM  

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