Wednesday, March 29, 2006

V for Very Kick-Ass

The Boyfriend and I saw "V For Vendetta" on Sunday. I loved it! I loved it despite the fact I burst into tears once we got in the car.

There is NO WAY to ignore the parallels between the current political situation and the interpretation of what the future holds if we continue on this path. It was pretty bold the way they kept bringing up "when America started the war". Note: I wouldn't be hugely surprised if the movie writers mysteriously disappear...never to be heard from again.

The world in this movie is a world of censorship, government control, and media messages shaped by political leaders. Men in power (and I say men because there were few women with power) obtained their positions based on "who they knew", not "who they were". A diabolical and violent military leader delivering government propaganda on TV, a priest with a penchant for teenaged girls...and the list goes on.

The citizens of this world were blind to the manipulation they were under until a victim of the system (V) launched a plan to motivate the people to overthrow (peacefully) the corrupt regime.

The Boyfriend said he had a hard time connecting to the movie through the main character. I disagreed, I was completely connected...and then we realized the difference. I became attached to the lead female (Natalie Portman), while the lead male character wore a mask, making it difficult for the Boyfriend to REALLY form a bond and get into the movie.

There was some action in the beginning and end, but the main bulk of the movie involved story-telling...letting us know the connections between people and why they were who they were.

I guess it tapped into the key frustrations I'm feeling right now about our government and the global role we're playing. I was upset because it was beautiful how so many people protested and made a difference. As the Boyfriend mentioned (while trying to figure out why I was crying and how to comfort me), there was a peaceful protest of 500,000 in California last week. Things could change for the better.

Warning: This movie is probably much more palpable for people of a more liberal persuasion. While I found the peaceful protest inspiring, I also understood V's violence used to facilitate reform. Some reviewers have called him a terrorist, and I expect some viewers would feel that way also.


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