Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Get Everything That I Want...

I've been lacking the inspiration to blog lately, and I hate writing just for the sake of updating. But there are so many good things going on in the news that I had to express myself.

Let us get the best news out of the way first...Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Kevin Federline. I realize that I am an intelligent, worldly young lady - but I love a jackass being dumped as much as anyone else. Woohoo! That pre-nup sounds so tight that he should be a hot dog vendor in about 3 months.

And seriously, that's not the most exciting news...but it does get my day off to a splendid start.

Ah, the election. I'm still waiting to see if the Democrats take the Senate, but I'm gleeful that the House is already in the bag. Some additional highlights that make me smile:
  • Claire McCaskill beat Jim Talent for our Senate seat. Jim ran a campaign based on negative stories about McCaskill, while she did not focus on the negative...she kept it about issues (well, except maybe one commercial about his salary and how many times he's voted against raising the minimum wage...but that seems pretty reasonable to me). Her main coup (in my opinion) was Michael J. Fox starring in a commercial for her.
  • Amendment 2: Allow Stem Cell Research: Proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution known as the "Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative" would protect embryonic stem cell research. It would specifically legalize all stem cell research and therapies consistent with federal law. It would ban human cloning. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this because of the whole cloning issue - WHICH IS CLEARLY BANNED IN IT! Anyway, no need to argue my point, it passed. :) I also want to say that The Boyfriend and I put up our first political yard sign (Vote Yes on 2). Our neighbors across the street had a No on 2 sign up and I was nervous because we've just become friendly with them. There didn't seem to be any fallout from it...we all pretended the signs weren't there.
  • Proposition B: Raise Minimum wage: This passed by 76%, and I suspect the remaining 24% were business owners that don't want to pay their employees more.
Ok, I feel content, an election finally went my way. I cried on my way home last year (because I pretty much knew it wouldn't be good), and it's nice to not feel that way this year (The Boyfriend called me after I voted just to make sure).


Anonymous Stephen said...

(Q here … using my real name … I've switched to a new blog with a new focus, more like Simply Put.)

I'm glad to hear about the minimum wage increase. Last I heard, it was appalling low by comparison to Canada. ($7.75/hour in Ontario — Canadian dollars, of course.)

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