Monday, February 05, 2007

More Good News

I didn't actually think this was possible, but I was accepted into the Summer Institute at Saint Louis University School of Law.

The Summer Institute is actually what I wanted to get into. It's a seven week session with two first year law classes. Twenty-five perspective students with rural/urban educations or learning disabilities are admitted. We have to pass both classes and then we're accepted into the Fall 2007 class. Why the Summer Institute? Well, some of us out here (me) have prior academic issues, such as:
1. ADD/ADHD (which caused 2)
2. Light at best undergrad attendance/studying (which led to 3)
3. Less than desirable GPA (3.2) (which had NOTHING to do with 4)
4. Lower LSAT score than is considered stellar (151)

I took a test prep class and tried really hard to do my best on the LSAT. I felt pretty deflated when I came back in the 49th percentile. I read about the Summer Institute and realized there is a chance I can go to law school (and SLU is no slouch when it comes to went up a whole tier last year - it's now tier 2!). I wrote an essay explaining why they should let me into their school, why they would benefit, and why I deserve this chance.

This program is not completely for their advantage. I mean, yes, they get to see if I'm someone that would bring value to their program, but I also get to see if I even want to study law. I may start this course and realize it's not for me - and this way I won't be out a whole semesters tuition. I also think it's fabulous to allow intelligent people whose grades/test scores aren't indicative of their academic aptitude a chance to prove they're more than a standardized test score. I'm smart, but I need this opportunity to see if I can hack some really hard core studying. If I can't pass these two classes then I shouldn't be in law school.

Maybe if I'm feeling really saucy I'll post my essay.


Blogger Liz said...

This is FABULOUS news. What a great month for you! It sounds like the summer institute really is ideal. Will you have to leave your job or work fewer hours?

7:49 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

My job has been really great about it. I'll either take an unpaid leave for 7 weeks, or cut back my hours to half or quarter time. The Summer Institute rules are that I cannot have employment unless it's approved by their Dean. I think I might go crazy not working at all!

10:00 AM  
Anonymous John said...

I am super Proud of you! I would to see you across the aisle from me in court! You will do a superb job.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

That's terrific! I'm so glad you're being given an opportunity to prove yourself! Go, you!

3:42 PM  

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