Monday, November 13, 2006

A Couple Lessons I've Learned Recently

Lesson #1: Four cats are too many! (Side Note: I trapped three more kittens last Friday. I think they were Nova's sisters. They were about the same size and in the same place. I had NO problem dropping their adorable little asses off at the Humane Society).

Lesson #2: I look like a man when I dress like Cleopatra (see Halloween photo). Seriously, I really enjoyed putting this costume together, but I looked like a Donna Summers drag queen...and not a hot one. More like one that's just started performing and hasn't quite perfected their hormones and camera angles.

Lesson #3: I was born to be hit by other vehicles. Last April was my super bad car accident. A week after that, I got rear ended in my rental...and I got hit again last Thursday! And this time by my old, adorbale, disabled veteran. I was completely helpless...I wanted to pay him off to make him feel better. We exchanged information, he called later to see how I was feeling, and to asure me that he would take complete responsibility...and I suppose I need to go get an estimate on my new car that looks like a junker already (did I mention Best Buy cut into my dash board when they installed a stereo? Yeah, I need an estimate for that too...their insurance is taking care of that).

Lesson #4: At some point, being a vicious, biting-clawing-chasing-crawling under the stove-always pooping-machine trumps cute. Yes, Nova has far more cute moments than annoying ones...but no amount of cute can make up for having your nostril bit in the middle of the night by needle-like kitten teeth. (Cute photo: please ignore my double chin and pay special attention to the adorable kitten poking out of my hoody. The last two photos demonstrate the "beast" at his beastiest. Come on now...tell me that isn't the face of the spawn of satan?).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought perhaps that was the boyfriend at first dressing up in drag until I clicked on a close up. :)

3:54 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Nice. That comment should help my issues with looking manish. :(

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

I once heard about a family who named their cat Mephistopheles. Eventually they had to have it put down because it lived down to the name, attacking people quite viciously.

I hope your little guy just has too many kitten hormones, and soon chills out a bit. We saved a kitten from life in the wild this summer, and he was a bit hard to handle, at first.

He's improved, partly because we're letting him roam the neighborhood now. (We didn't at first, because we were afraid he was too impulsive and he'd get killed.) But I also think he just settled in, when he realized that he didn't have to be in a constant state of high alert like he was in the wild.

He still gives our senior citizen cat grief, though.

2:50 PM  

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