Friday, March 21, 2008

Here's my Rotating List of Doom

I have a cycle of doom, usually signified by intense feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, panic, and inadequacy. It's lovely, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Anywho, my latest round came to a head this afternoon. I'm usually able to keep it contained, or I talk with friends and get it out of my system. Today, I came home and told The Fiance that I feel unappreciated for all the stuff I've done for the wedding (oh yeah, did I mention I'm getting married in 2 months...I'm sure that has nothing to do with how I'm feeling). As a side note, which I eventually conveyed to The Fiance: I don't WANT him to do more on his own. Seriously, how annoying would it be if I had a fancy little reception card designed, and here he comes with one of his own? Or what if he had gone out and ordered supplies to make favors? Would we have a battle royale, an urban sort of fight to the death in a homemade boxing ring in our back yard?

The number of things I would like to be making progress on are far too numerous to take seriously, below are a few:
  • Get out wedding invitations (shouldn't be too bad, it's going to be a small affair with fewer than 30 invitations. It should be done by the end of next week).
  • Call The Fiance's mom (this isn't actually stressful, just something I want to do by the end of the weekend. I feel that I, as the bride, may fill in the details of the wedding better than The Fiance. I say this not because he's not interested in the wedding, or of keeping his parents informed, but because boys don't care as much about wedding details, right?).
  • Make favors, find bridesmaid dresses, plan ceremony, meet with officiant (also not stressful, he's a pal of ours), figure out what the boys in the wedding are wearing, print programs, etc, etc, etc, etc.
  • Buy a chest freezer (this is vital. Not only can I stock up on my Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine lunches when they're on sale, but we can also freeze The Fiance's ever-growing supply of homemade bread, and prepare freezable foods such as lasagna for our families when they come for the wedding - I would like this to happen within the next 3 weeks. Anyone have a vehicle that can haul a small freezer? You know my number.).
  • Trap cats and kittens (The Mama, Mittens, and Sterling must be caught. These neighborhood cats could populate the entire block if I don't get them, have them fixed, and release them back out. I am seriously stressed about taking care of this cycle of perpetual procreation).
  • Put down fertilizer (this weekend...has to happen this weekend).
  • Clean the basement (ask me in 5 years if I've completed this task. If yes, I'm not human, no mere mortal could actually complete this project. Ok, I'm going to be optimistic and say it will be done by the end of August).
I think that's a decent summary of some of the highlights. It really helped to get it out of my whirling brain. I needed a little purging of thoughts, and it's not as intimidating when I have it laid out with deadlines. Maybe I should do a REAL list with deadlines and put it all on our family calendar. Maybe I need to add that project to the list?