Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anybody Got Some Ideas for MORE Projects I Could Do?

I really hate our hall closet. Actually, I've hated it for the last 5 years, I've just never done anything about it. So, with a little over 7 weeks left in my pregnancy I've decided to redesign it. Oh yeah, and I'm also sewing curtains and rocking chair cushion covers for The Baby's room. But back to the closet...

The closet currently has 2 shelves at the top and a coat bar underneath. Under the coats is a plastic drawer, metal rack, and general pandemonium. I pulled everything out and realized we'd just kept buying soap, toothpaste, and saline because we didn't know what we already had. And so the sketch was done. The new design allows us to organize all our bathroom/kitchen linens, bathroom items, yoga mats, weights, and vacuum. Additionally, there's tons of space for little storage cubes to keep everything organized. Another plus is that I've found reusable materials in our chaotic basement and will only need to buy one peice of wood for shelf supports. We already had shelving. I love that.

I did the sketch while The Husband was at work on Saturday. It's glorious. He didn't find it so glorious. Even though I'd been talking about it for months, the appearance of the pencil sketch set off his "change alarm" and he went into partial panic mode. Where will the coats go? What all will be in there? Why is this happening?!?! After a little time, we discussed his concerns and he's on board now. He even made a helpful offer: If I make lines with Sharpie where I want the wood cut, and even mark where the nail holes should go, he would cut and hammer them. Very helpful.