Sunday, May 21, 2006

Crazy Cat Lady

I'm so lame. I haven't posted anything about the kitties lately, and my family hasn't seen our baby, Tiger (plus, it was bath day for Luna yesterday...and who doesn't like to see a crabby old cat with wet fur?).

The first picture is a black and white of Luna sleeping on my pillow. It seems Luna and Jack take turns napping there...and I end up with fur in my mouth when I'm in bed. She looks, peaceful, sweet, and serene...but don't be fooled...her aged skeleton covered in fur is fueled by spite and loathing. And don't be fooled by my tone...her hateful disposition is delightful.

The second is of Jack and Luna curled up together on our bed. I've always gotten the feeling they spring into cute action when we leave the house, saving all the hissing and fighting for when we get home. We happened to catch them in the act this time.

The third is of Tiger lounging under the futon in the office. He's a cave dweller and can usually be found under or in something. When I'm at the computer he's usually lying somewhere in close proximity.

The next one is of Tiger looking over his shoulder. We found out the last time we were at the vet that he may have an enlarged heart, indicating possible heart disease. I never could have imagined how attached I could get to an animal...much less a cat! Drama! Ultimately, instead of putting him through test after test and medication, we decided to treat him if anything happens. He's only a year and a half, maintaining his quality of life is what we're most concerned about...and carting him to the vet more isn't going to make his life better. He's never been symptomatic, so we're hoping for the best. My heart will BREAK if something happens to him...children aren't suposed to die before their parents...I'm expecting him to be alive for DECADES!

And here come the photos of wet Luna. She's pretty old, most likely around 16 or 17. She's definitely begun to let herself go. She hasn't been cleaning herself the way she usually would...and she's only able to con one of the boys into doing it for her on occasion. Plus, if you smelled her breath...I think she hid a dead mouse in there, it smells like'd know that her tongue probably isn't doing a very good job of cleaning. So, I took her to the tub, soaped her up, and tried to ignore her cries of anguish. But seriously, you can look at the little thing the wrong way and she makes sounds of misery. I needed a little help from The Boyfriend, he has more experience with her theatrics. Poor, wet, little Luna. In the picture on the left, you can almost feel her hate penetrating your soul.


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