Monday, May 22, 2006

Cystic Fibrosis Walk

How better to feel like you belong to something greater than yourself, than by walking for a charitable cause. And, by being a part of a really enthusiastic team...with really cool team t-shirts.

As I posted a couple weeks ago, The Boyfriend and I were on team "Charlie's Angels".

We awoke at the crack of dawn (ok, 7:00 am...but we were up kind of late and it felt really early). L came over and we picked up E (thank goodness). Seriously, if E were not in the group, we would have NEVER made it to the walk. The Boyfriend, L, and I were all a little wilted, and none of us had thought to print out directions to Fenton Park.

After stopping at Quick Trip for L (coffeeCOFFEEcoffee!!), we arrived and found out the walk didn't start until 10 am...we got there at 8:15!! We could have slept longer. More sleep. Less wakey. Sad.

I'll bypass all the parts where we lounged on the grass and complained...because that really doesn't make us seem like very giving people...but we were sort of joking (sort of).

We spent most of our time scoping out the teams that could be our biggest threat. Were they able-bodied? Young? Were their t-shirts as cool (NEVER)? How about their numbers...did they have more people than us? Shall we take out the "I Love Allison" team first? Or perhaps the posse in the lime green shirts? Again...not very good-hearted, but it did pass the time.

We also passed time by teasing the team leader, J. It's not funny that she had to have surgery for a herniated disk today...but it was a little funny that she had to rent a scooter for the walk (I dubbed it the Rascal, after seeing them on a TV infommercial). We decided we'd make more money if we used her as our mascot, instead of the rowdy and bubbly Charlie. J was wearing a hat that had "Cancer Sucks" embroidered on it, was riding the Rascal, and had a blanket on her lap. We could have fundraised for her and made much more loot.

All teasing and joking aside, we had a really good time. Charlie's Angels won for most money raised online. We had the largest team (at least the largest with matching shirts), and we seemed to have a lot of fun...which is all the really matters.

And now, I'd like to say thank you to my beautiful sponsors:
Thank you to my family: My parents (who I can always count on for support), my sister T (the guest writer on my blog), The Boyfriend's parents (who came out of nowhere! Actually, I ratted out The Boyfriend. I called them and mentioned the walk because I didn't think he had. They were relieved I'd intervened and jumped in a day before the walk to help him reach his goal. I told them not to mention to him I'd called, then ratted MYSELF out after I'd been around him for 3 minutes - that's typical).
Thank you to the lovely L from Seattle.
I would also like to add a shout out to my peeps at work: B, C (who's freakishly intelligent), and A (thanks for doubling your donation when I was sad that I wouldn't meet my goal). And a special thank you to C at the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services (she sent a check with a couple sharps containers).

Go team.


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